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Website design Blue Reef Designs
Blue Reef Designs

Our thorough website development process starts by comprehending your business aims and the targeted audience so that we can design
and create striking websites, logo designs, digital marketing, mobile apps, and video animation.

To Build You're Digital Existence.

Blue Reef Designs
Blue Reef Designs
Blue Reef Designs Logo 2024


Websites tailored to perfectly fit your brand, image or project

With over a decade of experience creating websites, and hundreds of happy customers, we like to think we have a good idea of what works on the web. We love sharing this knowledge with our clients so they can reap the rewards and avoid the pitfalls that can damage a business.

You’re unique – so your website should be too. We’ve been building bespoke, feature-rich websites from the ground up for over ten years.

Whether you want to showcase your new brand, build relationships with your clients or open your own online shop, we have the skills and know-how to help you succeed online.

We specialise in bespoke designs for locksmiths with a partnership with Taylors Locksmiths who train new locksmiths and as part of there training package the new locksmith gets a full business created for them, that's where Blue Reef Designs comes in, we create there websites, logos, branding and our business creator teaches the new locksmith about business management, marketing, consumer law, health and safety and much more. Our SEO writers take control of the website, mixing personal information from the new locksmith with the area they work and the industry they are targeting to drive that new website up the rankings which results in incoming phone calls for the new locksmith. 

This partnership sees Blue Reef Designs building 4 websites each term and launching 4 new businesses each term.

Ghost Walk websites designed by Blue Reef Design, tour guiding websites,
Mobile websites designed by Blue Reef Designs


The world is your marketplace – get out there and harness it's potential. Our powerful ecommerce websites are easy to update and maintain, and handle orders and payments with ease. From online shops and stores to guided tour tickets, ticket sales for events, eBooks and downloadble content, online training platforms where you need to take payment to access videos and content and so much more!

locksmith websites, custom built, custom logos, photography, video advertising

Responsive Design

With so many different screens out there, how do you know your message is getting through? Future-proof your website with responsive design and it will work perfectly on any device and will let you know when a customer is on your website. You can then have the pop up messaging box open and speak with the customer and gain that custom.

Blue Reef Designs website design, SEO, coder

Web Development

When your business needs something a little bit special, our expert programmers will design and create bespoke integrated software solutions to add extra functionality to your website from the backend we can create marketing tools in built to send marketing to clients, from colleting data to custom invoicing systems. We are skilled professionals who create websites and web applications using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our role involves ensuring that websites are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and perform reliably and efficiently.


Tour guide logo, tour business logos designed by Blue Reef Designs


Newcastle Ghost Walks

Surf School logo, surf school logos designed by Blue Reef Designs

Design for print

Get Salty Surf Surf School

Walking tour guide website, logos, custom logos designed by Blue Reef Designs

Promotional Material

BOHO Tours Paris, France

Like what you see? Interested in taking your website to the next level? Contact us today.

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