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Professional Website Developer

Blue Reef Designs are a local web and design company that have worked within the web design industry for over decade and have built hundreds of websites for small business to community projects, musicians and even youtube stars.

We started our simple existence back in the day of the myspace generation as a local low cost web design business for small local sole traders and businesses but within the ten years we have grown and built websites for many companies all over the UK from locksmiths to paranormal entertainment companies, surfers, hostels, bars, clubs, ice cream shops, local and national brands.

Blue Reef Designs are a small team of designers, programmers and have a passion for creating what people want, we love taking an idea, a name or a picture, a thought and turning it into something real that will work for you and your project. Members of our team have worked for Google and Yell on many campaigns and can offer a wealth of knowledge and skill from web development to SEO and marketing campaigns to help your website rank higher on search engines.

We are local to Newquay, we surf we love life and and understand our community so contact us today and we can get the ball rolling. Also, don't be surprised if we turn up to a meeting in VW camper in boardshorts and flip flops, that's just how we roll. We don't do big cars and big cash and that helps us keep our designs low which saves you money!


Created by 2 barefoot hippies with skills!

Hey guys i am Steven Bodhi founder of Blue Reef Designs as well as Boho Logo's and one of the two barefoot hippies that create lifestyle designs and websites.

Our aim is simple: Affordable web and logo design. We believe quality design doesn’t necessary have to cost an arm and a leg.

So many unscrupulous design companies are happy to exploit clients’ lack of knowledge just for cash, that is not us , we are not a greedy business, we make a living and that's good with us. 

We are different at Blue Reef Designs – we prefer to build long-term relationships rather than make short-term gains, money does not turn our world, freedom and time, lifestyle and relationships do.

With over 10 years experience of offering a professional and reliable service, we are certainly not a fly-by-night operation, Jill one of our developers worked for British Airways on their websites, along with Facebook, Yell and Google development platforms

We both had high paying web and design jobs but quite them to work for ourselves and live life on the road and not in an office.

We are #vanlifers that live and work from a eco friendly 34 year old VW camper, we have a full solar panel system, this allows us to work from our van anywhere in the world from breathtaking locations. This is why your business is vital to our way of life, we have our blog and insta accounts for product placement and recommendations. We also have a number of YouTube channels that we can use for cross promotion. 

Please ask us to come and visit you at your home or business and we can go over some ideas, get a feel for what you want, what's your vibe and what you dig!!

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