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Professional Website Developer based in Newquay Cornwall

Blue Reef Designs are a local web and design company that have worked within the web design industry for over decade and have built hundreds of websites for small business to community projects, musicians and even YouTube stars.


We started our simple existence back in the day of the myspace generation as a local low cost web design business for small local sole traders and businesses but within the ten years we have grown and built websites for many companies all over the UK from locksmiths to paranormal entertainment companies, surfers, hostels, bars, clubs, ice cream shops, local and national brands.

Blue Reef Designs took its name from Reef our dog, Blue for the colour of the ocean as most of the team are surfers with us being based down in Newquay. It just seemed a good fit. As a core group of web designers, graphic designers and SEO writers, marketing experts it made sense that we mixed what we do with what we love. 


Blue Reef Designs are a small team of designers, programmers and have a passion for creating what people want, we love taking an idea, a name or a picture, a thought and turning it into something real that will work for you and your project. Members of our team have worked for Google and Yell on many campaigns and can offer a wealth of knowledge and skill from web development to SEO and marketing campaigns to help your website rank higher on search engines.

In 2009 we partnered with Taylors Locksmiths who are a locksmith training provider. We partnered with them to bring the new locksmiths a state of the art digital experience for the locksmith and there new clients. BRD build a website based on the packages they have bought from Taylors. From a budget business start up with a simple landing page and Google My Business setup with maps and more to a full 8 page website with integrated backend and a front end that shows the best in modern web design and useability with lates in blogging for fresh content to social engagement that can drive new businesses forward.

Since we partnered with Taylors Locksmiths we have moved from strength to strength with a full freelance team that come together for each project. We are building websites valued at £12000 as part of the deal with Taylors and the new locksmith pays anything from from £4.7k for a full business and website. 

We are local to Newquay, we surf we love life and and understand our community so contact us today and we can get the ball rolling. 

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