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Creative Website, Logo and Graphic Designer in Newquay

Welcome to Blue Reef Designs the home of the locksmith website builder and designers, we are a Newquay based web design company that offers a full web design and website building packages and over the last decade we have become known for our work in the locksmith community in a partnership with Taylors Locksmith Training Academy, Cornwall and Devon Locksmith Training and Gateshead Locksmith Training. We are known for our bespoke logo designs and social site designs for small businesses to holiday parks, photography and video editing along with full training on how to build websites, maintain websites and create SEO for blogs and social sites. We differ from our competition as we are focused on the small business community and creating websites that work and rank on the first page of the search results.

We also have a dedicated Business Creator who works with people that wish to start a business, grow a brand and become self employed. Our Business Creator is skilled in launching businesses, marketing and we specialise in trade businesses such as plumbing, locksmith, electricians, joinery and many more. 

We at Blue Reef Designs have been building websites for over a decade and putting them at the number 1 spots on search engines. As a small independent web design company, we have never lost touch with our market, knowing what's needed from a website and social presence.

We have a dedicated graphic designer that charges £55 per hour or a one off fee for a set deal. Ask for more information. 

We have a dedicated SEO expert with over a decade of SEO experience from £85 per hour

Our web design fees are from only £55 per hour, around £30 less than the average designer. 

Our business creator and developer is from £55 per hour. 

All of our experts can offer prices based on the work required rather than an hourly fee. 

Website Design and SEO for Locksmiths and Other Trades!

Blue Reef Designs offer the best in website performance that helps bolster your ranking on the search engines. We have a dedicated team of skilled engineers and SEO writer that can take your website and place it on the first page of Google dominating your industry. We have a dedicated SEO writer and expert that can also help you take one of the top 3 positions on Google maps and help drive reviews for your business. See our locksmith website packages that can also be used for any trade!


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With each website we will optimise your website for use on mobile devices and tablets along with smart devices and future proof your websites. We make sure they can work on smart TVs, smart watches and much more. 

This comes as standard with all of our websites, even or £699, six page budget website!

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At Blue Reef Designs, we know that user experience is vital. not only to your rankings with rapid upload speed but for your customers who want a fast, smooth easy to use website with easy to read information. We know how a website should flow! 

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We always create logos that work with colour psychology, that create an impression within milli seconds and can help keep a customer on a web page to look for further details. 

We understand graphics and branding and how vital it is to a businesses success. We can design any logo for your brand!

Are you interested in working with Blue Reef Designs? Contact me today for a free consultation.

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Blue Reef Designs Logo 2024

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